DLA provides IT Capabilities to OCS

From the inaugural exercise- Operation Bold Impact at Fort Riley, Kan., to the current Operational Contract Support Joint Exercise 2016, OCS information technology capabilities are vital in measuring the success of OCS training, execution, and readiness. This year’s exercise leveraged Contingency Acquisition Support Model(cASM). The cASM has processed over 49 requirements packages totaling over $1.3 million, as well over 85 orders totaling $1.2 million were processed using the 3-in-1 handheld device (Automated SF44), and vetted eight Host Nation vendors through the Joint Contingency Contracting System (JCCS). Warfighter operational requirements can be forecasted by having proven data sources. By providing exercise participants with real-time training support, customer support and service activities, and overall exercise sustainment, Defense Logistics Agency-contracted support resources have a proven track record that contractor support is invaluable during peacetime, wartime, and humanitarian exercises and missions supporting the Department of Defense.